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idk if it's alowed to talk at here. But I want to try it for people's help.

Please help me to edit or rewrite the rest things in a better way:

16.March.1990, Wild Lily student movement happened in Taiwan. There was a sit-in at Memorial Square in Taipei, initiated by a few students from National Taiwan University, soon drew the participation of over 300,000 demonstrators. The Wild Lily demonstrators sought direct elections of Taiwan's president and vice president and new elections for all representatives. Violences happened also during that movement.

Then that current Leader of Taiwan, Lee Teng-Hui. He started to answer most of the requests from students. He said they are very good and patriotic. Then that movement stopped at 22.March.1990. Students got succeed.

At the later time, Lee Teng-Hui started to change the political structure of Taiwan for a real democratic reform. Then 1996, Lee successfully won the first election to became into the first democratic leader of Taiwan, as the result of 54%.

Lee Teng-Hui quite the next election in 2000. Some people had asked Lee Teng-Hui why he made that decision. He answered "System gave me the the power to use for a while, I let it go after used ito. There's no relationship between me and that Power, I'm always ready to give up.".

However, Lee Teng-Hui is quiet a controversial person. In my opinion, he can't be a role model; he is not even a good person. But he did right choices for most people in that movement. That's why he was called as "father of democracy" in Taiwan.

Please pass around this message if you like it; or welcome to give your opinions to make it better. I'm not professional in politics. But I hope this message can help Hosni Mubarak in Egypt right now, to make a correct decision to avoid more blood bleeding out.

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1, "I want to try it to get people's help"
2, most of informations are came from this link:李登辉其人其事.html

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I just made a link of note at here:

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    Post it in Notebook for correction

    notebook it lol

    I offer professional editing services for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions (universities) (See my offered courses for rates) although this is a politically sensitive topic. I wouldn't feel comfortable contributing to this type of work.

    you should be careful.

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