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What does chi and tsu get with dakuten? On som sites it says "du", some "tsu", and some "zu". Which is right?

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    chi 「ち」⇒ di「ぢ」 = ji「じ」(sound is almost same)
    *ji「じ」 : "shi"「し」 get with "dakuten"

    tsu「つ」 ⇒ du「づ」 = zu「ず」(sound is almost same)
    *zu「ず」 : "su"「す」 get with dakuten

    If you try Japanese typing keyboard, its differnt character "di" from "ji"
    or "du" from "zu".

    These differents aren't care when talked or heard, so some text or map written only "ji" and "zu" for making foreigner easier. uniformed writing system.

    "zu" is similar sound of "ZOO" but as short sound.
    "tsu" sound is TSUNAMI's "TSU"
    because "tsunami" is Japanese language and imported English with almost same


    さしすせそ sa shi su se so → ざじずぜぞ za ji/zi zu ze zo (with dakuten) * ji and zi are the same in romaji.
    たちつてと ta chi tsu te to → だぢづでど da ji/zi zu de do (with dakuten)

    The pronunciation for ぢandづ are same as じandず. So when we romanize hiragana, we just write them as "ji" and "zu" to avoid confusion.
    If it's written as "di" and "du" in romaji, we might mistakenly read them as English dee like in Dysney and doo like in doodle.

    In Japanese katakana, there also are ディ and ドゥ. These were not in traditional hiragana/katakana chart, but now they are used to kanakanize foreign originated words.

    Dysney land= ディズニーランド
    Bob Dylan= ボブ・ディラン
    Yankee Doodle=ヤンキー・ドゥードゥル

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