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Why does the russian has fascination about spanish language? I mean, I noticed I lot of them wanna learn it x)

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    Spanish just happens to be or at least is known as one of the easiest languages (and besides widespread). That's why many people learn it. I don't think they are fascinated by it more than any other foreign language learners. For me and many of my friends Chinese is the most fascinating language))

    no, the russians do not have a fascination about spanish.. if you noticed it - it was just a coincidence at a given point of time.

    russians just like learning different languages.. not just spanish.. french, english, german, etc... at the same time there are a lot of russian people who just speak russian =)

    Yes, you are right. Many people learn and speak Spanish and they are fascinated by Spanish.
    There are a lot of reasons to be fascinated by it and those who learn Spanish will reveal their secrets and tell you more why they decided to learn Spanish and why they are fascinated by it.

    And who fed us with soap operas in 90th?..))))

    unfortunatly I can`t speak Spanish but I`d like to learn it...I m fascinated by it...Why?! it is so expressive ,vivid and the most sensual....isn`t it?

    Because it's beautiful and relatively simple.
    And mentally, spanish people are nearer to us, than most of europeans except of slavic nations surely).

    because this language is very beautiful and simple =) My friend learning Spanish as her extended family were from Spain =)

    I can tell you. For me, I want to learn it for work. Be cause most of spanish people that come to Russia don't speak even english at all

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