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hi! is there anybody there who can teach me cantonese? if you are learning english i can help you...

For learning: Chinese (Cantonese)
Base language: Chinese (Cantonese)
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    Wanna learn canto? Mou mun tai!(No problem!) Lei oi dim yeong hok? How and wat do you wanna learn? Speaking and writing/reading?
    I can teach you Chinese,this is my QQ:43401975
    I can help you to learn it,if you want to speak good in cantonese?if yes,the first thing you need to do is listen,listen is very important,cuz cantonese have a special point,the tone is already set.What is it mean?It mean one word just have one tone (but have some word is exception)"Lei" is mean "you",in chinese is '你',all the cantonese word just have 1 syllable,is never have two or more syllable!!So,if you really really wanna to learn it,try to listen the cantonese song ,and try to sing with it.If you think you can know what you are singing about ,you can try to read it in cantonese.But it just a sentence ,it cannot speak to them,if u wanna to learn,you need to see more cantonese programmes to learn it,cantonese is hard to learn,i hope you can learn it very well.
    I hope I can give you a help :)

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