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is there any strategy to do a sentence in korean?

i want to learn fast making sentence and easy to understand with this,,, i feel crazy every study..... :( give me some comment plsssssss......

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    Korean syntax is very different from that of English, you should be patient and keep practicing.

    \I'd suggest you start off with memorizing basic phrases that kids say when they start to speak, such as "I'm hungry", "I want to sleep", "I want to drink water" and so on.

    Use words when you think. Write your thoughts down on a notebook.

    For example, when you say you're sleepy, you say three words in English. I, Am, Sleepy. However, you can say just a descriptive verb in Korean, "졸리다". Put it into your everyday normal thoughts.

    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about grammar rules?

    general rules:
    time before places
    subject before object
    the verb at the end
    adverbs right before the verb

    But if you are talking about HOW you should learn the grammar rules, i'm not sure. Just read sentences you find online, break them down, and study them.

    both have free lessons where you can study sentences and grammar. - this one is good too.

    .. good luck.

    do you mean " the sentence structure in Korean" !!
    if so , then it goes like this

    In Korean the structure of sentence differ to English sentences, for example the phrase Chal Chinaessooyo literally means "Well have you been getting on?" which is the opposite from English.
    In general the structure of the Korean sentences is broken down as subject - object - verb
    "Jon the ball kicked"

    (In English)............I............................go to the shops............. in-order -to buy bread
    (in Korean).............I (optional).............bread buy - in-order to....... shops to go

    Look from very simple sentence, and than move to difficult sentences.

    Only the one way How to improve making sentences that's to see many times. that's all.

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