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Why chinese girls call me "friend" when we're chatting first time? We hardly know each

each other, just were talking about an hour, so we cannot be friends. What do they want from me?

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    okay, this is very good question!

    well, itz not limited only in china who simply would call stranger or first meet as friend!

    i'm surely tell you, this happen in most of asian custom.

    this kinda expression, is our asian custom and lives' philosophy.
    1) we are friendly from the inner for stranger.
    2) we're simply making friends with others.
    3) the word "friend" means, ppl who we just gota know 1 minutes we're start to used "friend" to call them instead of their name!

    yeah, and so on.

    when i talk to stranger esp westerners. they are frightened lotz becuz i call them "my friend" .

    and at the same time, when they replied, "i'm not your friend" this word also surprised us(asian) too!
    and we start to think this person is not friendly at all!

    there also several meanings about"friend"
    it can translate many different chinese words
    like guys/dude/body/......
    but friendship is exactly describe which are truely deeply emotion between friends.

    I think you overthought of it.
    I wonder what your definition of friend, so that a friend can want something from you? OR if I can take it that you want something from her ~? joking~~ no offense.

    So i just wanna ask u some questions.why u say ALL?did u contact with ALL surface-to-surface??different people have different ideas,maybe she wanna help u like friend on line.why did u doubt it?i agree with Summer,friends has many translations in chinese.but for me "truth" friends less than 5.

    You want them to call you " hey , stranger !" ? anyway, not every Chinese girl would call you " friend" every time .

    Instead of worrying that you are considered a friend, you should be feeling honoured.
    Obviously you have made a good impression, and the person feels comfortable talking to you. It does not mean they 'want' anything, except friendly chat.
    There are many degrees of friendship, from casual acquaintance to Best Friends Forever (or, as pre-teens like to say, BFF). It is unlikely that in 30 minutes she considers you her BFF.


    it is not a question of language, it is only a question of "culture". chinese are outgoing,easy-going, "friend" here just represent welcome and "glad to chat with you". it does not regard it as a certain purpose. obviously, it shows that the different culture background has different expression custom.

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