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Please explain: Hacerlo - "En mi casa tengo que hacerlo todo."

Is this translated "In my house, I have to do IT all"?

What´s the difference between that sentence and: "En mi casa tengo que hacer todo."
Is either of them more correct? Or are they both wrong without a context?

Is "hacerlo todo" an expression in spanish, or does it beg the question "Everything of what?"

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    Both sentences are right and they are very similar:

    Hacerlo todo - Do it all
    Hacer todo - Do everything

    The context would explain what "todo" is of course, but there is nothing wrong with the sentences.

    As Perla told you, "lo / la" replace the direct object with transitive verbs (ie verbs that take a direct object)

    Tengo que barrer toda *la casa*
    Tengo que barrerla toda

    In this case, *la casa* is the direct object, and can be replaced by "la" (because it's feminine)

    Tengo que hacer todo *el trabajo*
    Tengo que hacerlo todo

    Tengo que leer todo *el libro*
    Tengo que leerlo todo


    Note the slight differences:

    Tengo que ver todo
    I have to see everything

    Tengo que verlo todo
    I have to see it all

    "En mi casa tengo que hacerlo todo". Es correcta esta frase con dos presentaciones del Complemento Directo: "lo" y "todo".
    "En mi casa tengo que hacer todo". Es correcta también. Aquí "todo" es la palabra que representa al Complemento Directo.

    "En mi casa tengo que hacerlo todo" refers to do all the housework (cleaning, cooking, washing ...)
    It´s correct it doesn´t need any context.
    But "hacerlo todo" is not an expression in spanish, you need to explain what is "todo".

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