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Tibetan is written in symbols rather than letters. I find these hard to learn. Is there a book to learn?

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    hello Nikki. Your question seemed interesting to me. i read also your presentation in profile.
    tibetan: tibetan use an alphabet. It is a version of the devanagari alphabet and follows almost totally the rules applied by the indians alphabets which steem from the same original alphabet. It is not difficult to learn as long as you take a time to remember it by practicing briefly on a dayly basis. True, they have special diacritics for consonantal clusters, but this is part of the "fun" (lets put it that way). Charles Turtle is a good editorial about asian languages and cultures, and it is american, so most probably you ll find anything easily. I tried to learn some tibetan some time ago and have many books, but i dont know the language. Compare wioth chinese it is very easy as if i remember well, they just have 2 tones and they are not always sematic. As for tibetan buddhism, i d say it is quite teocratic in the sense that the lama is the reincarnation of the buddha. I think there are other schools of buddhism more centered on spirituality better than in "institutionality" but this is a very personal issue and i wont be entering this. Friendly greetings!

    Try it for easy learning -

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