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If there is ONE thing you wished that North Americans knew about Russia, what would it be?

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    Russia's great history.. from the russian perspective =)

    "Everyone in Russia drinks Vodka. They drink very much." - it is just a myth, so "bears walking by Moscow streets" is it.

    It would be Topol-M! im kiddin')) i would like it to be native arts. it is sad that almost all the people think that Russia is only vodka, bears and kalinka-malinka. We have a very rich culture.

    one thing... one thing... maybe hospitality. One visit to ordinary Russian family on holidays can break all of superstitions)))

    26 mythes sur la Russie

    An excellent question. This type of question can dispel many myths about different countries.

    Russia is not so cold country as people think. White bears aren't walking on our streets. it's too warn for them. But cold enough to play hockey better, than canadians ;)

    Russians never hit the first.
    But if we are hit: run, Forrest, run (c)

    We (German) never should be at war with Russia. On any our ruse they’ll answer with unpredictable foolishness. And they’ll win!
    (c) Bismark.

    We have felt boots. Just a man from Siberia can knock down F-117 with it. We have another deadly weapon – that is half-hose. The nuclear weapons are rubbish with it. ;-)))

    The thing is : Hollywood was founded by the two brothers from Rybinsk (Russia)

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