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Three things about Russians

Three facts you know about Russians?
Be fair and honest. Do not hesitate to tell a bad truth.

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    If you would like to know the truth - ask to neighbors :)
    1. Russians almost doesn't know theirs history but they are very proud of it.
    2. Russians hates they government
    3. If you will discuss with some one about racism you'll find some paradox, like all peoples are brothers at exception of Jews, Caucasians and etc.
    4. Every second Russian friend will give you all you want for a friendship.
    5. Every second Russian friend will forget to back your money :)
    6. Every Russian hates homosexuality, but like female one.

    Ok, now before I answer this I just want to make it clear that I don't wish to insult anyone, I'm from Canada and our knowledge of Russia is very very limited. This is only based on my own experiences in Russia.

    1. Russians are very good hosts
    2. Russians are very passionate people
    3. Russians have the most beautiful country :)

    Russians are:
    1. Interesting people
    2. Funny people
    3. And Russians are Russians=)

    1. Russians are friendly
    2. Russians are funny
    3. Russians can drink more than any other people)))

    1. Russians are very direct. They will tell you exactly what they think.
    2. Russian roads are crap.
    3. Russians do need an strong leader to rule the country. Democracy does not work.

    (this is only my personal opinion, I respect however other views on this matter, especially on the point #3)

    "We are not gangsters, we are Russian" .. :) ( "Брат 2")

    russian girls are the best in the world
    russian people are strong people
    russians can't play football

    1.Russian people by owns nature are a very lazy, but this does not prevent them to make discoveries and create something worthwhile.
    2.Russian people are have a ready wit and never fall apart in a difficult situation, because he knows that things might pooled worse.
    3.Russia is deeply feeling the nation with great patience. The great deal of patience)

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