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Italian people - who they are?

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    Italian people are the same as people all over the world. Don't believe the stereotypes or what you see in the movies.


    If you write the list of our names on a thin strip of paper, that would
    be approximately 1800 Km long, enough to contour our
    (quite beautiful) beaches, excluding the islands. Do you really
    want that strip of paper ?
    I think each of us, citizens of the blue and green Planet we share, has its own peculiarities,
    so without any specific question I really don't know what to add.

    Italian men are very heavy and women are very jelous but not all of them. In reality they are very warm and frendly as well but also with lot of not nice habits becuse they like to slag smb off.

    sometimes i also wonder.

    Here are the Italki Italian speakers who are learning Russian Why don't you message some of them?

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