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how can I to learn france.

I think it is very diffcult.

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    Yes, it is difficult, but the thing is worth the effort!!! It is pleasant and interesting to learn it!! And moreover you'll see that French is veeeery-very-very beautiful language, the language of love!
    I wish you good luck! :)

    french is really a little difficult than english.mainly for grammar. but you can find it easy to pronounce. many french words is similar with english ones. such as:chance, just different pronounciation.

    hello first you must love the language that you learn ,after you must work every day! i learn languages by myself ,then i know how it is difficult ,but pleasant after !
    and find friend for helping you

    I find it difficult too :( , but I won't give up If I challenge myself to learn it ^_^ .

    I recommended you to start learning French common words and vocabularies
    Then to move to the grammar .

    To Learn Words and phrases :

    French Grammar

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