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The most effective way to learn Hebrew?

Since Hebrew belongs to the Semitic group. There may be a different way to learn it. But I've quite no idea. Can anyone recommend me some ways to learn Hebrew well?

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    שלום Fredrik!

    I can answer you about what has been effective for me. What way do you usually learn languages in?

    I have used podcasts:

    Some other resources that might be beneficial for your learning:
    The Hebrew alphabet:

    Some videos from Hebrew online:

    Except for that I have been reading a lot in Hebrew, e.g. the Tana’’ch - the Jewish Bible – in Hebrew [with the help of an etymological dictionary]; and studied the Torah [‘Books of Moses’]-portion of the week on ; Calendar [left menu]; then click on the link to the right of the text Parashat ha-Shavua of each Shabbat. In that site I have learned some Hebrew grammar and the etymological meaning of Hebrew words.

    I also did a lot of reading in Hebrew when I studied for an Israeli Psychometric test; and most of the study materials were only available in Hebrew.

    I hope this helps you!

    Anders Branderud

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