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"회의" 와 "미팅"


I usually hear 미팅, but I read 회의 as the word for "meeting." I am told that they mean the same thing. However; this may all be because of where I live. It sounds like 미팅 is directly from the English word, but I would like to know this for sure as well.

Do I have the meanings right?
Is there any subtle differences in meanings?
Is there any difference in usage?

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    i think you're right. these days the two words are used for same meaning, "business meeting".
    but as Hoon said, 미팅 also means a blind date in a group. *소개팅 is a blind date of two ppl(a girl and a guy).
    so you can judge how the word "미팅" is used by the situation or the context.
    for example, if some young girls are talking about "미팅" , it must mean a blind date in a group.
    if workers are talking about it, it is likely to mean a business meeting. of course there is a chance that means a blind date in a group. but i think workers hardly have 미팅, 소개팅 is more common among ppl of mature years lol
    Per Hoon's comment above, these days, "미팅" generally refers to a group blind date (like Japanese 'gokon'). I would use only "회의" for a business meeting.

    There is actually a slight difference in the way Koreans in Korea presently speak versus the way Koreans who immigrated to the US 20~30 years ago speak. I think that may account for the some of the differences in what you're hearing.

    I completely agree with Eun,she's got a good point.
    To add some more to Eun's good reply,
    we call that kind of words "adopted words" which was borrowed from other languages like Chinese or English, sometimes Japanese.

    As you know, the word "미팅(meeting)" was borrowed from English,
    and "회의(會議)" came from Chinese,I think.

    (Actually "회의" is "会议(후이-이)" in Chinese, and "会議(かいぎ) in Japanese)

    Also they have the same meaning at least in Korea,but "미팅" is less formal than "회의".

    To sum up,
    1) "미팅" has two meanings,
    One is "a blind date", and
    another is "a business meeting"

    2) "회의" is only for "a business meeting"

    3) "회담(會談)" is also used to mean "a meeting", but it's very formal.

    For example,
    "the G20 summit conference" - "G20 정상회담"


    Both are the SAME!!! 10000000000000000000000%!!!!!

    the other explanation is no need!.


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