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how to say "help" in Japanese?


and how to say:
"I can help you."
"please help me."
"thanks for helping."

thanks in advance:)

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    "I can help you."= わたしはあなたを(てつだうor たすける) ことができます。→てつだいます。
    "please help me."=てつだってください。or たすけてください。
    "thanks for helping."=てつだってくれて ありがとう。or たすけてくれて ありがとう。

    help= てつだう(tetudau) or たすける(tasukeru)

    "tetudau" = cooperate with you

    "tasukeru" = "remove danger or troublesome or boring or something" or "cooperate with you"
    When you are helped or want to be helped,it is safe that you use "tasukete----".tasukeru is substituted for tetudau often in this case.

    Can I help you? = Otetsudai shimashouka? お手伝いしましょうか?

    Hi! there are some meanings and several way to say those words like this

    "I can help you."--------→dousaremasitakaどうされましたか
    "please help me."-------→suimasenn tetudatekudasai すいませんてつだってください
                  →chotto yorosiidesukaちょっとよろしいですか

    "thanks for helping."---------→doumoarigatouどうもありがとう

    maybe phrases will change in by case .
    help!----たすけて(tasukete) or たすけてください(tasuketekudasai)←polite

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