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what is hello and goodbye in korean?

is it annyeong?im getting really confuse when i try to translate it using dictionery and write it in hangul. can someone help me with this. =)

hello = 안녕하세요
goodbye = 안녕히 가세요

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    What makes you so confused?
    I think you are quite correct.:D

    1) Hello
    - 안녕하세요(polite) - an nyeong ha se yo
    - 여보세요(polite) (when talking to somebody on the phone) - yeo bo se yo
    - 안녕! (informal) - an nyeong

    2) Goodbye
    - 안녕히 가세요(as a host - polite) - an nyeong hi ga se yo
    - 안녕히 계세요(as a guest - polite) - an nyeong hi gye se yo
    - 잘가(informal) - jal ga


    안녕하세요 is mean hello
    안녕히 가세요 mean good bye..

    they both are in formal way..but usually if you were close to the person you use annyong for hi but can also be use as bye

    annyong = sampai jumpa...(bye)
    annyong= hi (hello)

    hope this will help

    안넝하세요 means hello, a formal greeting, it is all the same meaning by english good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.
    안넝.. is informal for friend family that close to you..
    but in telephone don't say 안넝하세요 when u answer the call its another meaning it is 여보세요.

    안녕히 가세요 mean good bye.. it is formal way,older than you or people have in higher position.
    안녕 for close to you it is informal word..
    i also beginner in korean so i guess i can answer your question

    Hello = An-yŏng-ha-se-yo. 안녕하세요
    Good bye! = An-nyŏng-hi ga-se-yo! / An-nyŏng-hi ge-se-yo! *2
    안녕히 가세요! /or/ 안녕히 계세요!

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