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eu vou que vou

hm..I kind of get it..but not really. help? n_n

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thanks...a friend told me it's also something you say when you really want something, like, he said: "eu vou que vou para a prova de vestibular" / "eu vou que vou para namorar xxx". right?

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well, I orginally heard it in a song that goes "o universo é uma canção e eu vou que vou" but it's meaningless anyway, I mean the universe isn't a song, for god's sake u___u rofl

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    Eu vou que vou para não chegar atrasado.
    Irei rápido para não chegar atrasado.

    Eu vou que vou para a festa.
    Irei preparado (bem vestido, bonito) para a festa.
    this is a very informal Brazilian Portuguese expression. It means 'going with the flow', another phrasal verb in American English that has the same meaning.

    ir rápido (go fast);
    ir preparado (go prepared);
    o universo é uma canção e eu vou que vou means
    the universe is a song, and i go on the flow (into this song)

    To be honest, I never heared anybody using this expression before.
    I guess Карлсашон did a good interpretation of the expression, but if you intend to use it, don't expect brazilians to understand clearly... =)

    For me, it's an old expression. But all the comments are right!

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