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what is "i miss you" in Japanese?

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    Though there is no exact equivalent to I miss you in Japanese, there are a few things you could try saying instead.

    - Sabishii desu = would mean that you are lonely, but if talking about your partner, it could mean that you are lonely because you miss them.
    - Anata ga inakute, samishii kimochi ni narimashita = would mean that you are sad because someone isn't there.
    - Aitai" 会いたい = Aitai can be translated as "I want to see you" or "I want to meet you" meaning "I miss you"

    Just remember, whether you get the phrase correct or not, the feeling in your voice will let them know how much you care!

    There are different ways to tell it:

    1. あなたが恋しいです - anata ga koishii desu
    I miss you (when talking to your loved one)

    2. あなたがいなくて寂しい - anataga inakute sabishii
    I miss you (when talking to your loved one)

    3. あなたが恋しい - anata ga koishii
    I miss you (idiomatic)

    4. あなたをずっと待っています - anata wo zutto mayyrimasu
    I miss you (idiomatic, means 'I will be waiting for you')

    5. 恋しがる - koishigaru
    I miss you (literally means 'I yearn for you')

    6. あなたが懐かしいです - anata ga natsukashii desu
    I miss you (literally means 'You are nostalgic')

    I missed you so much! = Samishi katta desu. *3 さみしかったです。

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