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Looking for recommendation for best software to help learn German.

For learning: German
Base language: English
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    hey Gerald, there are many ways and it really does depend on your learning preference but 1 package i would definately recommend to get you started would be the michel thomas foundation german course (about £30) on ebay, this will get you up and running and give you a sense of achievement because in no time you will be building basic sentences as he takes you through the auxhillary verbs (haben, sein) and on to the modal verbs (moegen, wollen, sollen, muessen, duerfen and koennen) Don't worry! he uses none of this gramatical mumbo jumbo when teaching you it, this is all what i've gone on tho learn since then, as a matter of fact no confusing grammar is the name of the game with this package and it is very cheap considering the amount of knowledge you will inherit through this course and the great thing is you can then buy the advanced course, language builder and vocabulary trainer as you improve and move on.
    If there is anything else i can help you with then feel free to write me and i would be more than willing to show you what i beleive to be the best way to learn this language.
    Take care Lee

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