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what do you think about hippies?

hippies is often used in American comedies to describe someone who is special. What is hippies? What do you think about hippies?

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    hippy refers to people back in the 60s who wore tie die shirts, smoked pot, drove vw beetle's, and wanted peace and love not war. They are often made fun of for being constantly high and unrealistic

    Andrew's answer explains what hippies were. In comedies, the characteristics of hippies are exaggerated. In the TV series Friends, Phoebe is a type of hippie.


    The musical and movie 'Hair' that has an interesting story behind it dealing
    with war, freedom and peace, will tell you much about hippies' beliefs,
    way of living and of having fun.
    A great book related to those times is in my opinion
    "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac (much better than the more
    famous "On the Road" of the same author); many hippies were inspired
    from the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.
    Almost all of them got much inspiration from the unheard event
    that a reliable contraceptive method was available to women
    in the form of a little pill; this fact and other cultural issues led to
    the so called sexual revolution of those times.

    A lot of nice music is from hippies, with bands and singers like Mamas and Papas,
    Jefferson Airplane (with the great Grace Slick), Janis Joplin, Daevid Allen with
    the bands Soft machine and Gong, Jimi Hendrix
    Whatever you will find about the Woodstock musical festival held in New York State in 1969 could tell you about hippies.

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