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"Who one" - does it exist?

If someone talks about things, places etc we can ask him a question: "which one?"

for example:
- I saw his car!
- Which one? He's got two cars.

And my question is what if we talk about people. Does something like "who one" exist? For example:

- I met Helen's brother yesterday
- Who one? Jake or Mike?

Is this form correct? If not, what should we put there?

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    as I know, who one does't exist. Which one would be good in this situation


    Your question shows quite a deep logical thought.
    In this case 'which' and 'who' are not symmetrical.
    You just ask /who ?/.

    Forms like /who is the one to answer aaa234's question ?/ are anyway allowed.

    That's quite OK for spoken English

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