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What does "gozaimasu" mean?


I had the impression that it means "very" (from arigatou gozaimasu) but the podcast I'm listening to opens with Japanese Podu ichi-maru-ichi de gozaimasu (JapanesePod101). In this context, what does gozaimasu mean? And what are the different uses of the word?

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    in that case gozaimasu is used as"desu"
    and it is also another form of "aru"

    "gozaimasu" is used with HUMILITY
    some japanese uses it to show their politeness,and in wrong ways:(
    for example, "nanika syumi wa gozaimasuka?(do you have some hobbies?)" is WRONG
    u must use "oaridesuka?" instead of it :)
    And "irassyaru" instead of gozaimasu that means"desu",when you want to express your politeness

    in this context 'gozaimasu' is politer form of 'desu', but i think this use is not very often

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