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Differences between American English and British English? Some examples, please~


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    Aerial Antenna Antena
    Anticlockwise Counterclockwise Sentido contrario del reloj
    Aubergine Eggplant Berenjena
    Autum Fall Otoño
    Bank Holiday National Holiday Día de feria
    Bank Note Bill Billete
    Bill Check Factura
    Biscuit Cookie Galleta
    Block of Flats Apartament Building Edificio de apartamentos
    Bonnet Hood Capot del coche
    Boot Trunk Maletero
    Braces Suspenders Tirantes
    Built-in Wardrobe Walk-in closet Vestuario
    Capitalise Capilatize Capitalizar
    Caravan Trailer Caravana
    Caretaker Janitor / Custodian Encargado de Edificio
    Car Park Parking Lot Aparcamiento
    Carrier Bag Shopping Bag Bolsa de la compra
    Catalogue Catalog Catálogo
    Cellar Basement Sótano
    Centre Center Centro
    Chat Show Talk Show Entrevistas
    Chemist Druggist / Pharmacist Farmacéutico
    Cheque Check Cheque
    Chips French Fries Patatas Fritas
    Colour Color Color
    Conscription Draft Servicio Militar
    Corn Grain Cereal
    Cul-de-sac Dead End Calle sin salida
    Current Account Savings Account Cuenta corriente
    Defence Defense Defensa
    District Precint Distrito
    Diversion Detour Ruta Alternativa

    besides the accent, many words or phrases are legitimately different.. which has always amazed me. For example I came across the British word "smoking" in an italian text. "he was wearing a smoking". (Nothing to do with cigarettes). In America we would say tuxedo instead. Then there are phrases like "You bloody wanker!" in Britain that an American just never would say. We might say "wow that's totally sweet dude" though...


    Different slang, different spellings ("color" vs. "colour") and different pronunciations (e.g., "aluminum") of some words, etc. Plus some completely different vocabulary ("apartment" vs. "flat," "elevator" vs. "lift"). Of course, they are much more the same than they are different.

    The biggest difference is pronunciation. Though there are some spelling and vocabulary differences.

    Am. Color / Favorite
    Br. Colour / Favourite

    Am. Pants
    Br. Trousers


    There are a million little differences, none of which impede communicating. The really big difference is the Atlantic Ocean as Mark Twain said. Examples? "straps", "suspenders", "garters", "knock you up", "chips", and the culture of the people, of which language is a part.

    there is not a big difference actually,,,
    some english words Americans write it with just an O as a vowel while British add the U so it becomes OU:
    some examples:
    American-English: color, neighborhood, favorite..
    British-English: colour, neighbourhood, favourite..
    see! not much difference~
    Americans: it was so freaking hot today!
    British: It was so bloody hot today!

    There are differences in :

    1- vocabulary
    Americans = fall / British = autumn

    Here are some of the main differences in vocabulary between British and American English.

    2- spelling differences
    Americans = center / British = centre

    There are some well-known spelling differences between British English and American English.


    3- pronunciation
    American = a-pricot British = ay-pricot

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