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como se fala, "I could you use a laugh" em Portugues? ou pelo menos tem um expressao parecido?

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desculpe quis dizer "I could use a laugh"

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  • Mar 11, 2011
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    Não. Nada disso. I could use a laugh significa "Rir seria bom para mim", ou "Rir me faria bem". In English, if you say "I could use ...", it means "... could be good for me". Example: I am very tired. I could use some vacation. (Estou muito cansado. Umas férias me fariam bem.) or I have a terrible headache. I could use some aspirin. (Estou com uma dor de cabeça muito forte. Uma aspirina me faria bem) or still I am getting fat. I could use some exercise (Estou ficando gordo. Um pouco de exercício me faria bem).
    "I could use ..." means "... me faria bem", "... seria bom(boa)", ... me ajudaria", etc. This is a phrasal verb, it cant be translated literally.

    So there are many possible ways of saying "I could use a laugh " in Portuguese, such as:
    Uma risada me faria bem.
    Uma risada viria bem.
    Uma risada seria uma boa.
    Estou precisando rir um pouco.
    Don't mistake SMILE (sorrir) and LAUGH (rir). The former is just a facial expression to please someone else. The latter is also associated with a sound and shows the person is having fun (even if it is sarcastic).

    "I could use a laugh" can use many ways, depends on the phrase or subject.

    Eu poderia rir.
    Eu poderia sorrir.
    Eu poderia dar risada.(gargalhada)

    I could say .
    you just say- posso sorrir.

    eu poderia rir . I could laugh.
    eu poderia dar uma risada . I could give a laughter.
    eu poderia sorrir . I could smile.
    eu poderia dar um sorriso . I could give a smile.

    Could you give a sentece as an example , because it depends on context

    You can't literally translate that, so in my opinion the right way to say it in Portuguese would be "Preciso de me divertir" usually this stands for someone who needs to get cheered up, so then again, I think it would stand up better if you'd say "distrair" (distract, to get distracted) instead of "divertir" (amuse, to get amused).
    As Acauan said, "Uma risada me faria bem" could be the perfect translation but unfortunately that only works in Portuguese from Brazil.

    I hope I was clear, best regards o/

    Eu você poderia usar um riso
    I could use a laugh significa
    Rir seria bom pra mim.
    Estou precisando rir.

    "I could use a laugh" = Eu poderia dar uma risada.

    Exactly ACAUAN ....You're right!
    In English context (folling grammar) could use means "seria bom"...
    I made TOEIC, and that asked about it....that's why i'm sure it means that!

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