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I was just wondering, when writing in japanese, korean or chinese, do you have spaces between like we do betwe

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    not realy sure 'bout Chinese and Korean, but there are no spaces.

    en there are no spaces between the words when we write in chinese, like this:用中文写作时中间不空格

    Yes, there are spaces between words in Korean!
    (at the age of maybe 5 to 14 I had a private korean teacher and I remember doing many spacing errors in dictations...)

    When you write Chinese, there is not space between word and word.


    Yes, there are spaces between words in Korean. (I get corrected on missing spaces on this site sometimes :) ).

    There is no spaces between in chinese. Because characters consist of strokes. Different characters stand for different meanings, so we needn't space. But in English, words consist of letters, so we need spaces to seperate different words.

    Chinese word is a kind of hieroglyph ,each word is a picture .therefore there is no place between the two pictures, between the two Chinese words .eg. sun is translated Chinese 太阳,long times ago,ancient Chinese write 日, ,,inside A CIRCLE ,is a point。

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