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I'm not quite sure what the instructions on my Persian (Farsi) homework mean.


They say : حالا به پرسش ها ی زیر پاسخ بده I understand everything except the last word, بده. If someone could help me figure out what I'm supposed to do, that would be really helpful.

Just so you know what the rest of the exercise is like, the first question says:
فرهنگ لغت چیست؟

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Amy.

    "پاسخ بده" is imperative mood it means "answer!" not "to answer" [to answer = پاسخ دادن Which is infinitive].
    "پاسخ" means answer(noun) but "پاسخ بده" means answer(verb). "بده" means "give", so "پاسخ بده" = "give answer". That is better to say "answer".

    So," حالا به پرسش ها ی زیر پاسخ بده" means "Now answer to the following questions".

    If anything is not clear, then tell me, I'd like to explain it. ^^

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