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do you believe the world will end on dec.21,2012?

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    Of course not!
    I had already planned a trip to the Alps mountains to practice downhill skiing and see again a North Country Lady I once met.
    I just spoke with the Hotel Manager, they won't give me a refund for this kind of nuisance.

    Absolutely. The earth will be swallowed by a huge meatball monster from the other side of the universe.

    No I don't


    No. I wish I had a dollar for every end of the world prediction I have heard the last 40 years.

    Yes, that's why I'm holding a towel.

    I suppose the ones who do believe in the close end of the world don't spend their so precious time for learning languages. So you're not likely to find them here on site))

    i don't :)

    yes! :))

    i don't :)

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