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qual a diferença de sensible pra sensitive?

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    Sensitive: = adjective = quick to detect, respond to, or be affected by slight changes, signals, or influences.
    2 delicately appreciating the feelings of others.
    3 easily offended or upset.
    4 kept secret or with restrictions on disclosure.

    The back of your hand is one of the most sensitive parts of your body.
    The nurse was sensitive to her patient's needs.
    He walked off in a huff. He can be so sensitive sometimes.
    The director hid the documents under his coat.

    Sensible: = adjective = wise and prudent; having or showing common sense.
    2 practical and functional rather than decorative.
    3 (sensible of/to) formal or dated aware of: I am very sensible to your concerns.
    He was a sensible young man, choosing to stay indoors and study rather than go out with his friends.
    She wore a plain cotton dress which showed her sensibility in fashion.

    A gente lê cada coisa aqui...
    Sensitive é SENSÍVEL. She is a very sensitive person.
    Sensible é SENSATO ou PRÁTICO. This is a very sensible car. It can be used in many different situations. A sensible person is a reasonable person.

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