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Do you think it is right that teachers have preference for any of their students?

When you were a student in the school,you must often have found that some of your classmates were given more solicitude by your teacher because of their intelligence ,beauty ,lovely or any other attractive things,while some others were ignored.Actually,I don't think that teachers should have preference for any of their students.What's your opinion? Share with us .Thanks!

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    Are you asking as teacher or student? Of course they should avoid setting preferences. But our demand is not easy to meet.

    With more than two or three students in class you can't respond to their individual levels. Usually you don't know the background of your students. And they don't tell you everything about their problems, do they? - With more than two or three students in class your teacher can't respond to your individual level. Usually they don't know your background. And you don't tell them everything about your problems, do you?

    Yes definetily! The teachers should have preference to anyone that should be a part of theyr job! In Germany the problem is that the teachers getting every month theyr money and it not depends on how good the pupils/students are. But today in Germany we got many pupils or students who are very poor and don´t have so many money like the other class members. The teachers today think all of theyr pupils/students got internet but some don´t have so they can´t do all of theyr homeworks!

    A E-Mail friend had told me that her teacher for sports don´t had give her a mark 1 because she don´t liked her! Thats true without joke of course. The most of the teachers today (in Germany) only think about theyr money and they don´t got the target to make that all of theyr pupils/students get good marks (I saw that in my secondary school and now in my vocational school too). When you got a problem then the teacher carry on with his/her study. They don´t are interested in it when you got problems to learn it.

    I think teachers should not only be teachers anymore they should study psychology too to know how to deal with theyr pupils/students.

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