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How do you say "Show us your feet" In polish? :)

My friend has sexy feet and i want to see them but she won't let me see them unless i say it in polish...c'mon guys help me out here,

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    That's a challenge:)
    You can say:
    "Pokaż mi (nam) swoje stopy" - show me (us) your feet,
    "Pokaż proszę swoje stopy" - show your feet, please (more polite),
    "Kochanie, pokaż proszę swoje stopy" - honey, show me please your feet (that should make her really vulnerable).
    If you need pronounciation, go here: paste the polish sentences into the editbox and click play.
    If you'll need other parts just tell us:D

    What a funny question :P The answer is 'Pokaż nam swoje stopy' :)

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