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What are other uses of "sugoi"?


I have always been told that "sugoi" means "awesome" and "amazing", but I watch the anime Shugo Chara! alot, and they "sugoi" alot, but the subtitle always says "wow". Is this a mistranslation, or are there more uses of the word?

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    Amazing! (describing of a very great astonishment)

    Amazing! You know how to talk in cat?
    すごい!猫語が話せるの?(sugoi ! neko go ga hanase runo ?) -

    Wow (below there are different emotions)

    Wow! Games!
    わあー!ゲームだ!(waaA! geemu da !)
    Wow! He did it again!
    すごい、また彼だよ。(sugoi , mata kare dayo .)
    Wow! He's huge!
    うわあ!大きいなあ!(uwaa ! ooki inaa !)

    means great

    can also be 'COOL'

    Thus, it will be a Japanese slang "sugee" (スゲー) meaning an English "Cool". Hip version of "Sugoi", meaning favorably impressed, is also equivalent to the American English "cool" (great, wonderful). So why here the misunderstanding goes on.

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