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Must I learn chinese characteristics if I want to speak Chinese? Is Hanyu pinyin enough?

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    Not enough. In Chinese there are quite a large number of characters and words that pronounce the same or similar. The similar ones usually have different tones only. It's quite a hard job to remember the different meanings which sound the same. It helps a lot to learn a character by remembering both its shape and sound though it's also quite tough to remember so many different squares. Despite the difficulty, there are many rules and interesting methods to learn the characters. In fact, the number of the character components is not large. You just need to combine them by some rules. For example, one character, which has a component of "木"(wood, tree), is almost always related to the tree or the wood. The one with "艹" is connected with grass and flowers. "虫"(worm, insect), “氵”(water),“冫"(cold water) and so on. This is one useful rule. If you get to learn, you'll find others. It's quite interesting to learn Chinese. Good luck.

    seriously pinyin is not totally enough if u just communicate by pinyin this will be like this:
    helo kae ju: du it laik mi: ?? oooooops so weird~~~ isnt it :D

    pinyin is the foundation, but still not enough

    Okay, if you only want to speak and listen simply that would not be a big problem , but point is you need to read chinese too. and i do not know if there is any book wrote in pinyin.
    Later you will find out, most of time, when chinese talk about chinese , that does not include of pinyin .

    like you said u just want to speak in chinese so it's up to you. but as you progress in chinese it think you would find it better to at least recognize characters. there are so many chinese characters with the same pinyin and tone and just knowing them by pinyin would really be confusing.

    also it is very important to learn the tones too.

    No, you don't HAVE TO learn any characters. If you learn via audio you even don't have to learn Pinyin. Kids also can talk but can't read or write.

    However, learning characters helps the remembering process and pinyin help with the pronunciation. So from this viewpoint alone it's already useful.

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