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tempo para aprender a Língua

olá a todos, quanto tempo se leva para aprender a língua persa?

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: Portuguese
Category: Language



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    بستگی داره چقدر تمرین کنید من خودم فکر می کنم حد اقل 3سال طول می کشد ما هم خیلی خوش حال میشیم که کمکتون کنیم
    موفق باشید

    If you don't speak any other languages similar to it , then it will take you quite a long time to learn it .
    It has no resemblance with the Portuguese language at all.
    I estimate you will need about 3 years to be able to speak,write and read it at an intermediate level.
    It depends how much effort and time you will dedicate for learning Persian of course.
    Intensive courses may help you achieve it in shorter time.
    Good luck :) موفق باشيد

    depende de muitas coisas amigo

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