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¿What is the difference between "estaba" and "estuve" ?

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    "estaba", and "estuve", they both come from the verb "estar", that means: "to be".
    They are two different forms of past tense in spanish; the first one is called "preterito
    imperfecto", and the second one "preterito perfecto". The word "preterito" means past tense. The two words mean the same; I guess thats why spanish is a lot more complicated than english.

    Don't worry, both mean the same, at least on the street.
    Use "estaba" for anyhing that happened long ago:
    "Yo estaba en mi auto ese día" (I was on my car that day)

    Use "estuve" for something happened just a few time ago:
    "Yo estuve en mi auto recién" (I was on my car recently)
    "Yo estuve en mi casa"
    "Yo estaba en mi casa"

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