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hi there..uhm i just wanna find someone who could teach me the basic language of spanish, cantonese, malay or taiwanese..please..kindly

For learning: Chinese (Cantonese)
Base language: English
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    So,you wanna to learn the cantonese and the taiwanese,this two language have a same point,is they all used the Chinese(traditional),not the Chinese(simple).If you need learn to write Cantonese ,it will be so fun,cuz cantonese just can speak ,it just can used to communicate.If you need to write this,you can learn the Chinese(simple)'s grammer,it's useful in China,Hong Kong,Macau and Taiwan.Can you read the Chinese?Cuz if I can use the Chinese word to teach you,you can learn it faster ,sth is english hard to explain it,so if you know it,just repeat me.If not,it's ok,I try to use English to teach you.But,now you can go to listen the Cantonese Music or Taiwanese music.

    ps.In Taiwan,have two languages,one is Taiwanese,one is Putonghua,the native is use the Taiwanese,but now lots of Taiwan ppl use it together.Just like Hong Kong's people says English+Cantonese together.And watch the Cantonese or Taiwanese programmes with english subtitling,so you can learn it easyly.I hope you can learn it better and better!

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