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Drop-dead. When and How to use the phrase.

Drop-dead. When and How to use the phrase.

I have a slight idea about the meaning of the phrase from Google dictionary. Though I need to get the feeling of it through the context. So please, give me a few different examples where it would have been used.

And if there is any danger while using it, please, provide proper explanations. (I wouldn't like to sound silly).

Thanks in advance.

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    "drop-dead " has some meanings:
    1. потрясающий, сногсшибательный; завидный
    2. крайний, конечный
    The drop-dead date for handing in term papers = крайний срок сдачи курсовых (работ)

    3. сногсшибательно, потрясающе
    She is drop-dead gorgeous. = Она потрясающе красива.

    4. Drop dead! = Oтстань!

    Yes, there are a couple of different meanings. One of them you would want to be quite careful of using. If you tell someone "Drop dead!" It means that you hate them and though you stop short of murdering them, you wouldn't mind to see them die right there in front of you. This is a really hateful thing to say-- so be careful. Then the other use is as an adjective phrase. I don't know about other English-speaking countries, but in America you can say "She is drop-dead gorgeous!", which means "She is VERY gorgeous." It is an intensifier, but I don't think I have heard it in any other sense than appreciating the beauty of something-- usually a woman, but not always.

    'drop-dead' means extremely, very, exceptionallly, outstandingly .....etc
    Mostly you hear the expression 'drop-dead gorgeous' as mentioned above.
    In general when you refer to a person or a piece of clothing as being drop-dead ,it means it is very beautiful.

    It could also refer to a deadline that cannot be changed:
    a drop-dead date.

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