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What's the meaning of 'Ma' in portugues?

What's the meaning of 'Ma' in portugues?
For example:Em que andar fica o quarto do Ma?

And how to use?


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    this word doesn't exist in portuguese.
    it can be just an interjection or, as in "em que andar fica o quarto do ma?", someone's name, nickname, or the name of a location, whatever.
    this sentence means "which floor is ma's bedroom?".

    Rs, nesse caso, MA é o nome de alguem, mais precisamente o apelido de alguem..

    In this case, MA is somebody's name, specifically somebody's nickname..
    The right translation of this sentence is: What floor is the Ma's bedroom?

    Porém, há uma palavra bem parecida em português: "MÁ" ((com acento ´ ))
    que é simplificadamente O CONTRÁRIO DE BOM e o FEMININO DE MAU.

    For exemple:

    - Ela é uma MÁ pessoa
    She is a BAD person

    - Ele fez uma MÁ escolha
    He made a BAD choice

    - Eles têm uma madrasta muito MÁ
    - They have a very BAD stepmother.

    Ma -> Somebody's nickname (In this case)
    Má -> Bad (female);
    Ma é um apelido de uma pessoa. Ma is a nickname.

    Nick name of someone, could be:

    Marcelo, Maurício, Makoto, Mcacos me morda ^^
    Take care!
    Ma is really a popular nickname, do Ma is for men whos names starts with MA Maurico, Marcos, da Ma for women whos name starts with Ma too Marlene, Margarete and goes on. Hope it helps

    ok, Ma is a nickname for women or man, but in the end you wrote "abrigada" - thank you in portuguese is "obrigado" and not "abrigada" ok?
    Take care!!!

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