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Do you have mixi

Mixi is very hard to get if you are in the usa ! My problem is that I am trying to work on the 'mixi sign-in' to my site ... but i dont have a mixi account . if someone could help me by sign-in in with mixi and telling me if it works it would help me out a lot
arigatou !!

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    i live in america now and i made a mixi account just 3 months ago. but it was so hard to make an acount... :( because you need a japanese mobile phone.

    when i made it, i had a mobile phone but it didn't connect internet so i asked my sister who lives in japan and she made it for me with her mobile phone.

    if you a have japanese phone, let me know. im gonna help you!


    I failed to log in to with my mixi account.
    Does it work for google Chrome or I have to use IE?

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