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Why do you wanna learn Turkish?

For learning: Turkish
Base language: English
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    Turkey is an amazing country, people there re generous and smart. They manage to be very modern and hard-working and at the same time have this so-called "inside beauty" (that s most probably cause of their beautiful religion)) They`ve taken the best from Europe and Arabia. I admire this country. Would love to move there one day. That s why..)))

    You better ask if someone wants to learn Turkish !

    as an arabıc teacher i like learning turkish because turkish language and arabıc language are from the same source or from one mother language which is Sameyı language though there is so much common words between arabıc and turkish

    Turkish is a language that can be learned in three months.Turkey is a developing country like India and Brasil,so I think it is very useful to learn it.This is a convincing answer?

    I wanna learn Turkish because i like this language it's seemlier to Arabic language

    And i would like to have a job in Turkey because i like to be one of this great people :)

    My neighbours are Turks from Ankara

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