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what is handsome in korean?

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    그 남자가 잘 생겼어요.
    That man is handsome (good-looking).

    I believe you are supposed to use past tense when using this verb in descriptive form.

    Handsome = 핸섬 haenseom

    When you want to say "handsome guy" as a noun, you can say like this : 미남 Or 꽃미남

    If you want to say "Handsome" as the meaning of adjective, you should say : 잘 생긴

    FYI, If you want to ask in the form of questions like "Who is the most hansome in South korea"

    you could say "한국에서 누가 가장 잘 생겼나요"

    you can say 멋 져 요. tha's what i learned from someone.

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