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dıference between turkısh and turkmen lang

what ıs the difference between turkish language and turkmen language?

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    Turkey and Turkmenistan are completely different countries with completely different cultures and traditions, even if their names sound similar.

    Turkmenistan, however, is located in Central Asia. Therefore its geographically and culturally closer to other Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. There is a Turkmen region in Iran.…

    The Turkish and Turkmen languages are similar as both of the belong to Turkic group.…

    Turkish language and Turkmen language are different ... languages are a little bit smilar but not all .. becasue turmen speaks pure turkish since central assia they have a Turkmen alphabet .. this is different..there do not have some of the letters in Turkish.. ..but Turks speaks different turkish .. becasue we have a different alphabet..

    In fact Turkish and Turkmen language are a bit similar; especially the one is spoken in Kerkük-Northern of Iraq, so u can understand each other despite ur different languages.Turkish is more latin-rooted but Turkmen is more arabic/asian-rooted on my say so.

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