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Can You Make a Proper Noun a Possessive?

In Farsi, can you make a proper noun into a possessive?
I know that you can say things like
ماشینم کتابت عزیزم
and so forth. But is it correct to say
(My Amir, your Maryam)?

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    When you are going to make people's first name into possession, remember that's only possible for two position:
    1. Kindness. For example: امیرم means you have a close relationship with Amir as if he is yours, or parts of your existence!!

    2. Family hierarchy: For example: Amir is Maryam's son. So when Maryam says امیرم it means Amir belongs to her as family member and again it's a form of kindness. (Almost all the time, it is limited to first order family (Father, Mom, son, daughter) or couples.

    Hey Snazziosity.

    Yes,we use this form.
    For example we say:
    ... ایرانمان،مریم شان،ابوعلی سینایتان و

    موفق باشی
    Good luck!

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