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how to use "but" or"though" in right way

there is a question :
--Wang Jinquan, a teacher from Qichun. has supported many poor students to college.
--_____he himself lives a plain life.
A: but B: though
the correct answer is A. but i still feel confused. i know but and though cann't be used in one sentece.but i don't their difference.

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    We use 'but' and 'though as conjunctions to introduce contrast. Here you have two sentences so the second can only start with 'but'. 'But' can be used in a following sentence to emphasis contrast with the previous one. 'Though' can only be used at the beginning of a sentence when it introduces the first clause. 'Though they knew the war was lost, they continued to fight.' Otherwise if there was a comma after college, I think both would work.

    The word 'but' is a connector to join sentences in a compound sentence. The word 'though'' is a replacement of 'although' to make a complex sentence

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