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How to start conversation in chinese on initial stage ?

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    你好吗? ni hao ma ?
    How are you ?

    你叫什么名字吗?ni jiao shenme mingzi ma ?
    What is your name?

    认识你很高兴 renshi ni hen gaoxing
    nice to meet you

    我是。。。wo shi ... I am .....( your nationality)
    我在。。。住 wo zai .....zhu I live in ...... ( your country of residence)

    你的爱好是什么?nide aihao shi shenme?
    What are your hobbies?

    你做什么工作?ni zuo shenme gongzuo?
    What do you work?

    most Chinese on initiatl stage will starta conversation with introduction of yourself. for example, hello 你好,where you come from?你从哪里来(你是哪国人)?what is your name? 你叫什么名字? where is your hometown?(你家乡哪里?)what is your hobby? (你的兴趣爱好是什么?)

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