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Each mature people want to die。 do you agree with it?and what do you think about the words?

i readed a book just now called .A good book.It tells the story of mental patients of life and spirit world.In the books,the writer said that each mature people want to die,and if you regard today is the last day of your life , maybe you can make some difference~
how about your opinion?

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    Well, for me, as people matures and grows old in time, there are certain circumstances either bad or good that happens in life. Right now I feel quite disappointed about things, especially to myself. And yes, I have tried saying to God that "Please take my life!" issue so many times!. So I kind of agree with your statement. =)

    Correction: Every old person wants to die.
    I disagree because there is a big difference between mental patients and ordinary old people.If an old person is relatively healthy and well looked after, they want to live just like anyone else. Having said that, I know of cases where old people who were 100 decided that they didn't want to live anymore, refused food and died.

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