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What specialities shall I eat during my stay in China?

This summer I'll be in China for over a month. I'll visit Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an among others.
Besides the "must sees" of these regions, I try to make a list about the "must eats" ;) So what are your favorite chinese dishes and which dishes are not to miss when being in these cities?
P.S. I'm not afraid of eating exotic animals, so keep coming those octopuses, cats, snakes etc :D

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    HI,Kaizers, i'M very interested at your questions,i also like travell and enjoy eats whereever i visit,For BEIJING,I think the most famous is BEIJING DUCK and also face to the BEIJING DUCK restraunt there is a GOU BU LI BAO ZI(dumpling) is famous,and WANGFUJING street is a must place for every traveller to visit.there are so many traditional food around china.For shanghai,i think xiaolongbao in NANJINGLU is good taste .For xi'an yang rou pao mo(mutton) and liangpi is the most famous .

    Well,even you want, that is not easy to get snake or cats in china .
    I guess you already know that you should not miss the roasted duck, right.Actually the best way is to find a local friend.
    May I know if you could read chinese , I happen to know a website about all the restaurant in beijing and shanghai , people could give comments there , about the food, the service, and the price, and what they recommand to others, which should try, which better not, very useful, but only has Chinese version.

    When I was in China recently I had a variety of stir fried dishes, Beijing duck and dumplings. You can try ducks' lips and ant omelette if you like.

    Monkeys ! Specifically moneky brains, yummy :),but don't try ground antlers ,that would be too much ;)


    beijing duck
    hot pot of dogs, if you want
    snakes are delicious
    no cat please

    You must try 水煮牛肉 and 水煮鱼 omnomnomnomnom...


    we never eat cats!
    many foreigners like "gong bao chicken"

    We have eat cats several years ago,but we don't do that now.

    If you come to guangzhou, you can eat cantonese dishes. such as seafood, snake, pastry. Anything if you like to eat. There are too many delicious and special foods in guangzhou, so you don't need a list of must eats.

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