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Special Promotion - Month of July Only!

Give your friends 10USD to learn a language

Invite your friends to join italki and take an online lesson with any of our 1000s of online language teachers, and they’ll get 10USD in italki credits (100ITC).

Best of all, you’ll get 10USD in italki credits (100ITC) too!

Invite a friend

Friend joins italki

Friend purchases ITC

You earn 100 ITC!

Friend earns 100 ITC!

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There’s no limit! Tell all your friends about the gift of language that gifts you back!

Terms & Conditions

General Terms
When one of your referrals successfully makes a purchase of italki credits from July 1st, 2014 until July 31st, 2014, they will receive a bonus 100 talki credits within 7 business days! Additionally, your student account will also be given 100 italki credits.
Qualifying Purchase
A qualifying purchase is any successful purchase of italki credits (minimum 100 ITC). A purchase that is subsequently canceled or found to be fraudulent does not qualify.
Other Restrictions
A purchase does not qualify if you refer yourself or existing users of italki. Users that attempt to abuse the referral promotion will not receive the referral bonus, and may have their italki accounts suspended
Limited Time Only
This incentive programs effective for a limited time. The requirements and incentives are subject to change.