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Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Other), English

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Other), English, Chinese (Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Female, From Fuzhou, China, Living in United States

Local time: Dec 01, 2015 00:46   (US Mountain Standard Time)

Fluent in English & Chinese Mandarin. Experience working with children & adult learners. I can help with beginner Mandarin, daily conversation, & speaking practice. 中英流利。有经验教小孩子和大人。 可以辅导口语, 日常生活英文,以及听力等.
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110 - 130 ITC per hour
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Professional Lessons  

Beginner Chinese Mandarin
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • 126 completed session(s)
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130 ITC per hour
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Beginner & Intermediate English
  • English
  • 190 completed session(s)
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130 ITC per hour
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Informal Tutoring  

Informal Tutoring: Chinese (Mandarin)
  • 431 completed session(s)
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120 ITC per hour
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Informal Tutoring: English
  • 562 completed session(s)
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125 ITC per hour
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Informal Tutoring: Chinese (Other)
  • 7 completed session(s)
110 ITC per hour
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About Amy Lin


Hello! ^^ My name is Amy and I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker. I immigrated to the US at the age of 12. I am fluent in both English and Chinese Mandarin. I create Mandarin learning videos on YouTube followed by lecture notes on my blog.

Learning a new language can be frustrating if you don’t know where or how to start. I enjoy language learning and I would love to help any Chinese Mandarin learners. I provide tutoring in beginner Mandarin, daily conversation, and speaking practice. I offer both informal and formal tutoring. For informal tutoring, it is a type of freestyle conversational tutoring. For formal tutoring, I will create a lesson based on your needs. I am very flexible so I am more than happy to try any new methods that you want to match your learning style and pace.

If there is anything specific that you want to work on, please don’t hesitate to contact me =) My name is Amy. I hope to see you in the class!


您好~! 我是 Amy (艾米). 我出生于中国。 我 12 岁的时候移民到了美国。 我的中文和英文都很流利。我有空的时候会制作学习语言的视频。 我也会编写和发布关于学习语言的文章在我的博客上。

英文是我的第二语言, 所以我很明白学习一个新语言时会遇到的一些困难。 我的目标是帮您达到您的目标。 我提供非正式辅导和正式辅导。 非正式辅导的主要目的是为了口语练习。 如果您怕开口说英文的话, 我希望我可以给您提供一个轻松的语境来练习。 我不会咬人的哦~!正式辅导怎么上要看您的需求。 我会为您打造一个适合您的学习教案。 当然如果您有自己的学习方式我会很乐意按照您的学习方式来辅导的。

如果您有什么疑问, 请随时联系我。 我是 Amy. 希望可以在课上见到您。 谢谢 (^_^)

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    • 2015
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