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Speaking Practice

Provide speaking practice to help you become fluent.
Chris Trofin
Chris Trofin   Community Tutor

  • Canada
  • Teaches English

I am a native English speaker who is currently studying Spanish at my local university. Let's chat and let's improve your english skills together!
  • Beginners
  • Teenagers

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70 ITC 30 minutes
≈7.0 USD

Yusuf   Community Tutor

  • India
  • Teaches English, Hindi, Gujarati

I am a professional online English teacher. I specialize in Business English and Spoken English. I have taught children as well as adults. I have a degree in Commerce, and have work experience in motivational and public speaking.

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60 ITC 30 minutes
≈6.0 USD

J. Ríos
J. Ríos   Professional Teacher

  • Puerto Rico
  • Teaches English, Spanish

I am a professional certified instructor of both ESL and Spanish. I have taught languages in many countries. I have prepared students for such exams as TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE, etc. I have 10+ years of language instruction experience.
  • Beginners
  • Business
  • Test Preparation
  • DELE
  • CELU

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100 ITC 30 minutes
≈10.0 USD