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Jackson Bagatoli
Jackson Bagatoli   Professional Teacher

  • Brazil
  • Teaches Portuguese, English

I've been teaching English since 2011, I've taught in a variety of schools, for a variety of students, kids and adults. I have a TESOL certification accredited by Cambridge, which is CELTA.

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70 ITC 30 minutes
≈7.0 USD

Sadia EnglishTeacher
Sadia EnglishTeacher   Community Tutor

  • United Kingdom
  • Teaches English

Experienced tutor. Native English speaker from London. Affordable lessons. Conversational & Formal English for intermediate- advanced speakers. - CHEAP PRICES UNTIL AUGUST 2014 Book Now !!!

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85 ITC 30 minutes
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TbilisiTime   Professional Teacher

  • United States
  • Teaches English

My name is Jim. I have a certificate from the University of Cambridge in teaching English and have more than 2,900 hours experience in real classrooms.

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100 ITC 30 minutes
≈10.0 USD

laogui32   Community Tutor

  • Australia
  • Teaches English

I am a language - linguistics enthusiast. I enjoy and specialise in helping Chinese native speakers learning English at an intermediate or advanced level. My background is in mathematics. computing and in the finance sector, investment, stock-markets

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75 ITC 30 minutes
≈7.5 USD