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Frencheek From France Add to Favorites
Teaches: French
Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin)
I've been an italki teacher for a year and it's been very successful, so let's continue ! I live in Paris where I pursue a Master's degree in Linguistics in La Sorbonne University.

Hourly Rate
160 - 240 ITC
≈ 16.0 - 24.0 USD

Sahime From Turkey Add to Favorites
Teaches: Turkish, English
Languages: Turkish, English, Spanish
I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I work as an English teacher. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them learn English Skills . I am native Turkish speaker. I am very patient and can help you with gaining fluency in Turkish.

Hourly Rate
200 ITC
≈ 20.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
60 ITC
mei From China Add to Favorites
Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, Korean
Practice oral Cantonese / Mandarin with a native speaker or want helps of searching some Chinese information? pls try to contact me... (*^__^*)

Hourly Rate
80 - 90 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 9.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
45 ITC
Eimantas From Lithuania Add to Favorites
Teaches: Lithuanian, English
Languages: Lithuanian, English, German, French
I teach Lithuanian and English, and I help with homework and test preparation. I have been teaching people from all over the world since 2012. My new teaching methods will be the way to your success.

Hourly Rate
145 ITC
≈ 14.5 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Glen Millner
Glen Millner From South Africa   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Thai
I am a certified teacher from South Africa. I have taught children and adult language learners from around the world and have experience teaching English in Thailand.

Hourly Rate
40 - 80 ITC
≈ 4.0 - 8.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
15 ITC
monu From India   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
I am a professional online English , Punjabi and Hindi language trainer . I have been teaching for over 5 years and in last five years I have realised that the love is given by the students is amazing and incredible .

Hourly Rate
65 - 85 ITC
≈ 6.5 - 8.5 USD

30 Minute Trial
30 ITC
Peter Bothe
Peter Bothe From Germany Add to Favorites
Teaches: German
Languages: German, English
I have been teaching online since 2011. Levels of German taught range from lower intermediate up to advanced. The main emphasis is on spoken German to improve your confidence, increase fluency and reduce the accent.

Hourly Rate
125 ITC
≈ 12.5 USD

30 Minute Trial
75 ITC
Amera Eid
Amera Eid From Egypt   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Arabic
Languages: Arabic, English, Persian (Farsi), Dutch
I am Arabic Teacher for Non Native Speakers. I am able to teach: Modern Standard Arabic & Egyptian Colloquial Arabic ( Video, Articles, Political Articles, Poetry ) Thanks

Hourly Rate
80 - 150 ITC
≈ 8.0 - 15.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
Rossella From Italy Add to Favorites
Teaches: Italian
Languages: Italian, English
I have high school diploma in italian, greek and latin languages.I have a perfect knowledge of the italian grammar and I'll be enthusiastic to help people who wants to learn italian, teaching with structured (but not boring!) lessons.

Hourly Rate
40 ITC
≈ 4.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
20 ITC
Teresa From Spain Add to Favorites
Teaches: Catalan, Spanish
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Dutch, French
Successfully teaching students from more than 20 nationalities. From beginners to business. Certified Teacher (ELE) Spanish as a Foreign Language. Dynamic personalized guidance.

Hourly Rate
110 - 150 ITC
≈ 11.0 - 15.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
60 ITC
Ana From Spain Add to Favorites
Teaches: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian
I am a professional Spanish teacher. I am native and I have a certification to teach Spanish as a foreign language. I have been teaching since 2003. I can help you to speak Spanish like a native and also help with DELE preparation.

Hourly Rate
110 - 130 ITC
≈ 11.0 - 13.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
50 ITC
QYZhang From China   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin), English
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Dutch
Better than a thousand days of diligent study, is one day with a great teacher.I could help you solving all kinds of problems you are facing during your Chinese's studying.

Hourly Rate
50 - 80 ITC
≈ 5.0 - 8.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
Emili Sabanovic
Emili Sabanovic From United States   Add to Favorites
Teaches: English
Languages: Bosnian, English, Spanish
I am a native English and Bosnian speaker. I have had many students so far on italki, and I have a lot of experiences with them. My teaching style is simple but informatory. I plan lessons for the students on a personal level.

Hourly Rate
65 ITC
≈ 6.5 USD

Concha From Spain   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, English, German, French
Hola! I am a professional Spanish teacher, with a business professional background in international sales departments. I also help with test preparation, including DELE, Instituto Cervantes exam, or just teach Spanish for tourism or fun.

Hourly Rate
120 - 200 ITC
≈ 12.0 - 20.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
40 ITC
JennyChen From China   Add to Favorites
Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin)
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English
I am a native Chinese speaker with a background in Electronics and Cambridge Business English, I am very passionate and patient and I enjoy helping people to learn both Chinese and English.

Hourly Rate
60 ITC
≈ 6.0 USD

30 Minute Trial
30 ITC